Welcome to the House of Art

Walking into Beresford Studios, one becomes immersed into 400 sq. ft. of intimate, white-cube exhibition space. This small, yet dynamic gallery introduces visitors to the works of local and regional emerging contemporary artists through a dynamic schedule of solo exhibitions.

Beresford Studios adds something new to the local art scene–a place where emerging artists can have their first solo shows, and a place where artists who are unafraid to question artistic and social conventions can find a space in this Southern city.  Charleston Curatorial

Located in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, Beresford Studios is one of an array of galleries that make up Charleston’s active and ever-expanding art scene. So what sets us apart from the herd? Our schedule is comprised of solo exhibitions which shine a light on the brilliant talent of emerging local artists. The gallery’s focus lies on curating immersive exhibitions and installations which bring the works of early-career artists to the eyes of both collectors and lovers of art.

We look forward to seeing you soon!