Sarah Mosteller - SHE(LL)
August 2017

Artist Statement:

In August 2013, I broke my back. While recuperating on bedrest, I lost the freedom to wear conventional clothing. A plastic shell that spanned from my collar bones to my hips was quite a hindrance for me to be able to subscribe to societally normative fashion trends. Once the back brace came off, I suddenly felt stunted by the process of deciding how to clothe myself without it. Out of one shell, into another.

Fashion is often viewed as a means of self-expression and empowerment. However, it can also be interpreted as restrictive and suffocating. The paradoxical nature of this collection of hand-knitted metal fashion objects and clothing can be seen as a commentary on the constricting expectations placed on women, or it can be perceived as an empowering display of armor. She(ll) highlights the dichotomy of these concepts in order to address topics like identity, gender roles, and societal pressures through the scope of specific feminine clothing.

Gloves (2).jpg