Sara Pittman - The Road Between

On Display: September 6 - October 7


Pittman is an emerging abstract expressionist who has always found art to be an intrinsic part of her being. Relying heavily on intuition, her work explores the constant exchange between her repressed state of mind and her conscious self. These are represented through the juxtaposition of loose and controlled movement, defined areas with the use of negative space, and the tension between bold and soft color. Incorporating negative space invites the viewer to have a focused dialogue with the images that are presenting themselves and beckons deeper observation. A wordless narrative unfolds in the thin, transparent layers of paint and mark-making, evoking a sense of mood and mystery between what the viewer sees as the foreground and what the eye sees overlying it. The depth of her work creates an experience by asking those viewing it to come closer and unveil what is buried beneath. 


Video and music by @walkercreativeinc